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a wire sculpture with a rock on it
365 Days of Wire Sculpture
a sculpture made out of wire sitting on top of a white block in front of a gray wall
Rachel Ducker | Rachel Ducker Wire Sculpture
a hat with flowers on it sitting in front of a tree and bushes, next to a stone wall
Hausschuhe stricken – kostenlose & einfache Anleitung
a metal cat sculpture sitting on top of a white table next to a black wire
Craft ideas 5267
wire black cat
a wire sculpture sitting on top of a table
Meow~ For Those Who Loves Cats~
four different pictures of wire cats with faces drawn on them
two pictures of different items made out of tinfoil and wood, one with a mannequin on it
Gebruiksaanwijzing frames maken
Gebruiksaanwijzing frames maken | wilmashobby
three metal figurines hanging from hooks on a white wall with one holding the other
Climbing Man Figures - NUNTCHI | Wire Mesh Sculptures
Contemporary art, Climbing man sculpture on the rope, Decorative art, wall hanging, abstract 3d metal wall sculpture