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Zombies, Marvel, Norman Reedus, Men, Characters, Negan
the hobbo movie is shown in three different scenes
Retro, The Walking Death, Apocalypse, Series, Carl Grimes
a group of people standing next to each other
the poster for the upcoming movie is shown in black and white, with three different images
Wallpaper Maggie Greene e Daryl Dixon
collage of images with people in the background and text that reads eleggie
the back of a man's jacket with an image of a fish on it
a collage of photos with the words good heart, bad temple and images of actors
▪️Rick Grimes▪️
two people standing in the woods with a dog and another person holding a stick next to them
Daryl and Carol
a collage of photos with people and buildings in the background, including one woman's face
Wallpaper Locksgreen • Maggie Greene