Cut open glow sticks & pour them into bubble solution. Glow in the dark bubbles. Summer nights here we come!

Very cool~cut open glow sticks pour them into bubble solution~glow in the dark bubbles~summer fun here we come~

Bouncing bubbles...bubbles that don't pop! Just like the Gymboree ones!

Bouncing Bubbles 1 C distilled drinking water 1 Tablespoon dish soap 1 Teaspoon of glycerin straw (or a typical bubble wand) 1 clean glove (or sock) - (this is to keep the bubble from popping)

DIY: Bubbles | Refill Container

DIY: Bubble recipe and refill station. Love the idea of reusing plastic cups from restaurants as the containers. Keep the bubble solution confined to one big refill container, and no worries about leaky, yucky containers hiding all over the house!

Bubble Snakes.  Will keep kids busy!  Water bottle, old rag, and dish soap water.

Bubble snake maker- put a round terry cloth on the cut end of a plastic bottle and secure it with a band. Now dip the Bubble Snake Maker in the Soap solution for hours of fun.

Super Giant Bubbles Recipe @Shana Charpentier

The Bluey Bluezy Woozy Bubble Bat is made from a giant bubble. Make your own giant bubbles using this homemade bubble solution recipe.

Bubble Wand by lowescreativeideas #Kids #Bubbles #Giant_Bubbles #lowescreativeideas

Bubble Wand Giant bubbles mean big fun outdoors. Kids can make their own mega bubbles with a simple wand you can build in just minutes.

fancy bubble bottles and homemade bubble wands! Super cute!

Pink and Green Mama: Mirror Mirror Puppy Love Bubble Potion Craft Project, plus a Mirror Mirror Movie Giveaway!

Make Beaded Bubble Wands

DIY Bubble Wands with Beads

These DIY bubble wands made with pipecleaners and beads are a fun kids craft project. Plus the finished bubble wands are beautiful and work great!

Inside-Out Bubbles by familyfun #Bubbles #Kids #familyfun

Bubble Mania: You know how crazy kids get when they play with bubbles! I would experiment with other bubble making solutions and find out which one makes bigger bubbles. Use coat hangers to make giant bubbles!

DIY giant bubble wand

GIANT Bubble Blower

DIY Giant Bubble Blower by egadsman, instructables: Seriously gigantic bubbles. So easy to make with the bubble wand using 2 pieces of dowling/bamboo, string and tape. My dad used to make giant bubbles all the time!

DIY beaded bubble wands

Summer kid crafts Could make homemade bubbles and decant into smaller containers and kids make own bubble wands