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Nice mesocyclone with enormous updraft and inflow rings. Stormfront

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Nice mesocyclone with enormous updraft and inflow rings. Stormfront


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The Thunderstorm of the Century

The Thunderstorm of the Century A composition of 19 pictures of lightnings and different part of the cloud. Processed with Camera Raw by Ivaylo Petrov

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56 Stunningly Awesome Photographs of Lightning ...

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Media Tweets by #StormHour (@StormHour)

The latest media Tweets from #StormHour (@StormHour). Promoting meteorology & weather photography. Weekly Photo comp with @RMetS: Monthly photo competition & Featured Photographer ~ The Atmosphere

Weather Events

Six tornadoes confirmed in one storm in Texas. That massive EF4/EF5 tornado posted I posted before was also one. Credit: Joseph and. Bentley

Is This a Picture of an 'Intense Supercell with a Mass of Tornadoes' in Kansas?

An image purportedly showing multiple tornadoes touching down in Kansas is actually a composite image showing the "evolution" of a single tornado.

Natural Hearts

Parakeet love Valentine's Day, like Christmas and every other major holiday, has become super commercialized by corporations like gift card and candy companies. To paraphrase Michael Pollan from The Botany of Desire, modern mass-production of sugar has diminished our complex desire for sweetness from a powerful divine experience to a cheap prosaic fix. At the same time, holidays like these give us an opportunity to reflect back on and be grateful for what we have, and to step out of our…

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Lightning storm generates terrifying nuclear bomb-style mushroom cloud

The stunning images were captured by 27-year-old photographer Stefano Garau who captured the incredible moment from the balcony of his house in the south of the island.

Nebraska Swirl - Developing Tornado by Douglas Berry

Nebraska Swirl - Developing Tornado Photograph by Douglas Berry