Ways to Re-Use Tires

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Motorcycle seesaw made out of tire and real race bike handles. We are thinking about adding light in front and little license plate to the back.

Luminária de Garrafa Plástica Luminária feita com garrafa de água mineral. Super moderna e fácil de fazer.

Luminária de Garrafa Plástica (*DECORAÇÃO e INVENÇÃO*)

Shining Lamps with Plastic Bottles! Another ingenious way to create a set of recycling lamp shades from plastic bottles. You can change the color or add prints or accessories to make them in your style.

Old tires as seats

Old tires as seats. I wonder if I could just stick a bean bag in the center instead of sending it to an upholsterer. I would use a different color, too. Maybe this would look good in a little boy's room.

old tire umbrella stand, Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Tires, http://hative.com/creative-ways-to-repurpose-old-tires/,

20 Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Tires

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