Preparation tips to help reduce your grocery budget

Tips for Reducing Your Grocery Budget (Part One

(Part 3 of series) Save money on groceries by thinking twice about what you put in your cart. Suggestions on what what NOT to buy. good common sense ideas or reminders

too cute!

that is a cute panda bear. that is just so adorable. it looks like the panda bear is raising it`s hand in school.

Impress No One With These iPhone Pocket Jeans

Humanity sadly takes a collective step backwards with Alphyn Industries' new Wearcom jeans that feature a zippered pocket with a see-through pouch for accessing your smartphone without having to remove it first.

You can sit in the rain!! Have to have this one day!

You can sit in the rain and read so cool! - Micasa Lab Cocoon 1 is a sit in, chill in, relax in, live in bubble with reconfigurable cushions to really personalize the space

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