Love Stencilled Pillow – Free “Love & Life” Template

Spruce up a boring old pillow. Simply stencil the word "Love" or "Life" on it and breathe new life into the pillow.svg and printable files included. You can write '' or everything else you want!

dica de presente super simples

Easy Homemade Journals (I made all these in an hour!) Click through for step-by-step tutorial Great idea for end of year book! Students create their own book.

diy - carimbo EVA

love this idea for making stamps!I did a similar thing with craft foam sheets and a hot glue gun. I just used two layers of the craft foam so it would be easier.

Eraser stamps

DIY pencil eraser stamps: What a great simple idea! I was trying to figure out out to save cost for a logo stamp of my upcoming jewelry line, et voila! still one of my kid's big pencil with eraser and do it myself!


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