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Tutorials for Hand Embroidered Leaves & Flowers

Do you want to add more variety to your hand embroidery by stitching different types of flowers & leaves? Here are sixteen different ways that you can embroider leaves and flower petals! by erica

Cross stitch a seive for unique kitchen decor :: crochet sur passoire - jans schwester: Besticktes Sieb und Wandteller

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What I Did While Waiting ….

French knot embroidery: Would like to make an "Earth" with this technique. I especially like this persons idea of the earth

Saiba aqui como valorizar seu bordado usando esta técnica bem bacana! Confira! Espero que gostem deste passo a passo. Achamos no site Agulha de Ouro, do Uol. É preciso que você use a linha perlé (ou dois fios de linha mouliné), ag. nº 7 para costura ou nº 26 sem ponta, bastidor e tesoura de ...

Bordado Richelieu passo a passo

Step-by-step explanation/tutorial on how to do Richelieu embroidery BORDADO…

french knots

Playing in the Rain sprinkles embroidery by Down Grapevine Lane. Sprinkled umbrella and rain boots, made with French knots.

Puntos de cadeneta con mucho relieve

Puntos de cadeneta con mucho relieve

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Buttonhole Chain Stitch Waves

Stitch Fun! Buttonhole Chain Stitch Waves

TUTORIAL Buttonhole Chain Stitch Waves The combination involves buttonhole stitch and chain stitch worked in opposing waves so that the result looks very much like a double helix.

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