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Cláudia Basílio

Cláudia Basílio
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Mantenha os cabos de ficar confusa.

Place the stickers on cable fixings or a cable on the wall, and the creeping cord will become friendly. wall decoration stickers material: polyvinyl chloride film size: x content: 4 leaves *The price does not include customs and duty. by proteamundi

✔️Transforme caixas em porta-alguma coisa...

15 easy and cheap DIY projects to make your home pretty: Cheap, cute baskets for your bathroom can be hard to come by. However, you can make this beautiful basket from an ordinary cardboard box.

Aprenda passo a passo como fazer uma letra luminosa a partir de uma letra de papelão e crie um enfeite decorativo incrível para o seu lar!

These eleven clever projects let you enjoy the cozy glow of string lights long after the holidays are over.

Simple and Unique way to serve watermelon

Simple and Unique way to serve watermelon. As juicy as most watermelons are, I think a slice with center removed and bowl hidden - then filled with melon balls from the fruit removed from slice.

Quanto mais cores Mais poder na saúde !

Rainbow fruit plate food fruit rainbow healthy healthy food healthy eating food images food pictures rainbow fruit plate **try it with rose petal or pomegranate