Rolo de papel 2

The average household throws away dozens of empty toilet paper rolls each month, but I am here to tell you to stop throwing them away! Get 5 DIY Projects Reasons Why!

Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art

Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art

Who doesnt use paper towels and toilet paper? This is an easy fun way to recycle the rolls and give a door or window frame some style. Take Toilet paper rolls or Paper Towel rolls. For my design I made 12 'flowers' each toilet paper roll makes.

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Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

You know those times when you have one late night and then every day is so busy that you just can't catch up on your sleep and you walk arou.

Borboleta de rolo do papel higiênico

toilet paper tube craft butterfly -- oodles of other ideas, including stamping with cut TP tubes (Diy Paper Butterflies)


Paper towel and/or toilet paper rolls and hot glue gun DIY art! You can spray paint this any color. I'm in the process of saving TP rolls now.

Guardou muitos rolinhos de papel toalha e papel higiênico? Então venha conferir ideias de como reciclar esse material em belo artesanato.

Rolinhos de papel e várias ideias para reciclar

DIY ~ crafts to do with toilet paper rolls. This wreath is made from paper towel and toilet paper rolls. It is just too cute and easy on the pocketbook.

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