Claudia Penzim

Claudia Penzim

Claudia Penzim
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Ingredientes Rolo de carne 1 colher de chá de azeite de oliva 1 xícara de cebola picadinha 1/2 xícara de cenoura picadinha 1 colher de chá de orégano seco 2 dentes de alho picados 1 xícara de ketchup, dividido 1 1/2 libras carne moída, extra magra (cru) 1 xícara de farinha de rosca 2 colheres de sopa de mostarda preparada 1 colher de chá de molho inglês 1/4 colher de chá de pimenta do reino moída 2 ovos grandes Spray de cozinha

Meatloaf Cupcakes: Frosted w mashed potatoes. Easy flavorful dish, perfect on a buffet. Would do it without the mashed potato "frosting". I just like the idea of individual meatloafs.

Lu, mãe da Malu: Receita: Mini-omeletes de forno Mais

How quick & easy are these. Even better you can freeze 4 later use. Mini Egg Muffins Ingredients: your choice of add ins w/Eggs - beaten w/milk, salt & pepper to taste. Instructions: *Preheat oven at (Easy Meal To Freeze Freezer Cooking)


We will probably need this in Isaak's side of a walk in closet in addition to ironing in the laundry room. Top Organizing Tips For Closets - this built-in ironing board in the closet is a brilliant idea!