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a living room decorated in pink and grey with flowers on the couch, lights strung from the ceiling
Triangle accent wall
four different doors painted in different colors
Decor: deixando sua porta de um jeito diferente – Depois Dos Quinze
a baby's room painted in pink and grey
the color scheme for different shades of blue, green and gray with text that reads classic colors
Classic color schemes, color combinations, color palettes for print (CMYK) and Web (RGB + HTML)
a bed with colorful sheets and pillows in a room that has a geometric design on the wall
20 Diseños geométricos para decorar las paredes de tu hogar
a bedroom with two beds and a chandelier
Quarto cinza: 70 ideias para adicionar a cor no ambiente
a dining table with two chairs and a clock on the wall behind it, in front of a geometric design
Parede geométrica: Passo a passo completo de como fazer e inspirações!
an abstract geometric design with pink, black and white stripes on the side wall mural print
Foldings Wall Mural
a child's bedroom decorated in blue and white with geometric designs on the walls