Árvores estranhas, quase alienígenas.

The world's scariest hotel suite is perched perilously off a cliff

1500 year old 'Angel Oak' in Charleston, South Carolina. (Charleston has tons of year old live oak trees, it's gorgeous.

Piúva em flor - Corumbá, MS, Brasil

The Pristine Piuva Tree Of Brazil.As if Brazil didn’t already have a lot to offer, how about adding a stunning purple tree to the mix?

Pico da Bandeira Alto Caparaó | Conheça Minas

Natural pool in the Enchanted Valley in Alto Caparaó, Zona da Mata Mineira. Formed by José Pedro River, with several rapids, waterfalls and natural pools. It is 400 m after the camping Tronqueira, track starting point for the Pico da Bandeira.

-Brasil... Chapada Diamantina, BA.

Bucket List: take a boat along the Douro River. Rocky Canyon, Douro River, Portugal photo via besttravelphotos

Vitória Régia ao pôr-do-sol, no Pantanal, Brasil.

Giant water lilies at sunset, Victoria Regia, Paraguay River, Pantanal, Brazil. Photo by Frans Lanting.

Chapada dos Veadeiros, GO, Brasil

Chapada dos Veadeiros (National Park), Brazil (nearest town is Alto Paraiso)

Chapada Diamantina - Brazil

Go inland and visit the Chapada Diamantina - the land that time forgot.

"Bonito" na região de pântano. Água limpa Cristal para mergulhar. Visibitlity total para o rio. Paraíso ecológico com vários lugares para visitar. Mato Grosso, Brasil.

Bonito, Matro Grosso Do Sul, Brazil -crystalclear water, snorkel w fishes, caves

Tiradentes, Minas Gerais, Brasil

Igreja Matriz em Tiradentes - Minas Gerais - Brasil + Matrix Church in Tiradentes - Minas Gerais - Brazil


Vale da Lua (Valley of the Moon), Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park - Goiás - Brazil Places to visit in Brazil