guirlande de coeurs

Door reminder to love yourself and that you are loved-each girl could make one colour and give it to the rest of the girls? They could then make their own multi-coloured chain?

arvore de natal em espiral

Design Porn: Alternative Christmas Trees

No matter who you are, the fir tree is an inescapable emblem of the holiday season. And since Americans are slated to spend more money on Christmas trees since before the start of the recession, it…

Christmas cards …

A set of five prints of my textile Christmas cards. The textile cards have been scanned and printed on 350 gsm white card.

Con las Manos en la Aguja: COSTURAÑO 2.016 DICIEMBRE - Navidad, Navidad...

Christmas wreath with hearts. You can adapt this to any holiday or occasion; depending on the material (print)s used.

How to make a cute little Christmas tree advent calendar from toilet paper rolls! ~ Danya Banya

Toilet Paper Roll Advent Calendar

Make a cute little Christmas tree advent calendar for kids from recycled toilet paper rolls. DIY craft tutorial from Danya Banya