Every man should know this !!

5 deadly terms used by a woman Funny Signs And Quotes About Women from L. Sommer the author of 199 Ways To Improve Your Relationships, Marriage, and Sex Life - check my website for lots more funny stuff and sample readings to my various books

so true.

bacon, this is true. and after traveling to france, this is true about nutella haha


12 Excellent Quotes About Coffee

"Black as the Devil, hot as Hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love." – Charles Maurice de Talleyrand, speaking of the perfect cup of coffee.someone who appreciates black coffee like me!

This is life in a nutshell.

10 Quotes That Capture How We Feel About Coffee

My favorite Calvin & Hobbes of all time. used to have this on my wall in High School.

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Poha me define.

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Some Morning Truths #sleep #insomnia #mornings

Some Morning Truths

Funny pictures about Some Morning Truths. Oh, and cool pics about Some Morning Truths. Also, Some Morning Truths photos.