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✮ ANIME ART ✮ neko. . .cat girl. . .cat ears. . .school uniform. . .pleated skirt. . .cardigan. . .scarf. . .school bag. . .tights. . .power lines. . .sky. . .cute. . .kawaii

it's really cold today. I knew I should have- *runs into you and all my stuff flies out of my bag* *ignores the stuff and looks at you worriedly* I-i'm sorry!

I named her Azure Noorblom (which, if I properly understand, means Blue moon blossom[or, maybe, just bloom])

[Inori from Guilty Crown] She has a sweet aura about her, though the flowers seem to darken the mood

No anime da semana que preparamos hoje, falaremos sobre um dos filmes mais aguardados de 2013 e que foi lançado estrategicamente no dia das crianças. Não podiamos deixar de fazer uma resenha sobre um dos animes mais importantes na infância da geração da década de 1990. Dragon Ball Z a Batalha dos Deuses conta a historia após a saga Boo...

Lord Beerus, destroyer of worlds and God of destruction. The Z-fighters in the back. And then there's Goku

Explorers as anime characters :3

Holy shit, Explorer is cute as f*ck with that super Uke face! I ship him with chrome. And FireFox with Opera.Nobody wants Safari xD