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10342757_1652991401645361_8988036720020606435_n.jpg (352×786)


The bright colors of these patterns are nice and bold. Use them as coasters, hot pads (material permitting), or another household item.

Mazourka-Iris: how to crochet this? with chart

Last time, I made similar one in Dec(another diary) →Finally! I tried hook. Watiching photo and trying crocheting doily. So, today, atlast I finished! I hope this my memo help you ;) I draw same colour.

Ravelry: Larksfoot Inspired 12" Granny Square pattern by From Home

Ravelry: Larksfoot Inspired Granny Square pattern by From Home. I've made this square. If you place the colors right, this square is beautiful. It is not as difficult as it looks at all