Fernando de Noronha, Brasil.

Day June Destination: Praia do Cachorro, Fernando de Noronha Pernambuco, Brazil. Man I wish I was in Brazil for the world cup!

Banana Beach, Ilha Grande, Brazil (by Seracat on Flickr)

Could you live in a purple home? What's your favorite color? Can you imagine your home's exterior in that color?

Joatinga beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Joatinga beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil- Also includes some great places in Brazil to visit

Lagoínha, Ceará, Brasil

Brazil has some of the finest beaches on earth: you'll find idyllic island getaways, vibrant big-city beaches and rainforest-backed sands all along the coastline. And with nearly 7500 kilometers of Atlantic coastline to choose from, you’re bound to

Tarzan Pool, Paraty, Brazil

Brazil’s Dusty Azurre: Day 9 (Scene 1

Aventureiro - Ilha Grande. Rio. Brésil. Une île ou il faut combiner sport et détente…Vous avoir accès aux plages vous devez faire des treks de minimum 2/3 heures..et en général ça monte !!

Me quedé sin conocer esta playa: Aventureiro - Ilha Grande