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a book with yellow flowers on it and spanish text in the bottom right hand corner
Um carinho em palavras.
🎁 Se possível, faça uma doação para contribuir com o meu trabalho através do pix 346bb5e0-bc09-4c44-86fa-6e1388ea945c
a pink flower sitting on top of a grass covered field next to a yellow sky
a bird nest with a woman in it and the words, all you need is love
Para o melhor e para o pior: o que se esconde nas experiências dolorosas.
there is a sign in the window that says, a vida e as pessos da sinais o temo
an image of a cartoon character looking out the window with his head in the window sill
E Cards, Mindfulness, Amigos, Alma, Inspira, Fotos, Heart Vs Mind
a red rose sitting on top of an open book with the words,'no bad se
someone is throwing sand into the water with their hand and saying, quanndo finientes compreendemos que nao
a man in wetsuit holding a surfboard next to a dog
Shelby Motivacional - YouTube
Gratitude, Self Esteem, Lindas
the words are written in different languages and have been changed to be english or spanish