Cleriston Ribeiro de Azevedo

Cleriston Ribeiro de Azevedo

Cleriston Ribeiro de Azevedo
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GrizandNorm Tuesday Tips - More on Hands #normandlemay   #grizandnorm   #TuesdayTips

grizandnorm: “Tuesday Tips - More on Hands Create more appealing hands on your character(s) by : -creating a line of action (appeal, simplicity) -grouping fingers as much as possible to simplify the shape -thinking of the overall silhouette to create.

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Tuesday Tips - VISUAL ANCHORS Here’s a way to identify and use whatever is at your disposal when drawing a clothed figure. Think of the volumes and angles you’re drawing and use whatever defines them to “hide” the construction lines you might be.

Character Shape Sketching 1 (with video link) by

After your feedback I wanted to sketch women using irregular shapes to help make each a bit more unique. Here's a link to the video: [link] Thanks for t. Character Shape Sketching 3 (with video link)