Vintage Cap = <3

"Fighting for Victoty" (Captain America), [A 'Retro Style' Propaganda Poster based on the 2011 movie, Size: x - Illustration and Design by Randy Martinez and Ollie Boyd.

American Gothic

The Joker and Harley Quinn in American Gothic lots of other Classic Paintings/Comic Book mashups

Clark Kent/Superman mash up print.

Give your own hero Danny Haas Super Hero prints. Artist, Danny Haas, designs vintage style art prints inspired by comics and science fiction. If your Dad is not one to collect Art Prints he might e…

The Batman

This art deco poster for THE DARK KNIGHT.obviusly is a tribute to the frank miller iconic cover of TDK just felt right because of the ton. THE DARK KNIGHT art deco

Art Deco Batman

Some old illustrations of DC superheroes, done in an art deco (ish) style. The Batman Blackhawk Green Lantern (Alan Scott)

Superman Logo

Bring Out the Superman!

The Superman Shield, the iconic logo for superman worn on his chest. The S to mankind conveys a superhero, but from his planet represented hope.

Avengers as dinosaurs

Parting Shot: Unusually Realistic Dinosaurs Dressed as The Avengers


Christian Nauck is a freelance illustrator, comic artist and character designer based in Berlin, Germany. He did this as a cover art for Marvel’s “Avengers Art Appreciation” variants. You guys noticed the Loki shadow too, right?