Luiz Lima

Luiz Lima

natal rn / Pisciano, que adora anime. Ler e ouvir música.
Luiz Lima
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Cloud by Thanomluk by on @DeviantArt

Cloud original character by Tetsuya Nomura Painting by me another my painting final fantasy. Another my painting fan art about square enix ( plea. Cloud by Thanomluk

Vincent Valentine : Hero  Memorable Quote : "That was my sin... and this... this is my punishment."

Vincent Valentine : Hero Memorable Quote : "That was my sin. this is my punishment." My favorite FF character ever.

Cloud Strife. Zack Fair. Final Fantasy VII series.

Cloud Strife as an infantryman and Zack Fair the amazing First Class SOLDIER of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

FINAL FANTASY | Edited by ☆

Cloud- I know he's not primarily in Kingdom Hearts but Final Fantasy characters make appearances too