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an art project for kids with watercolors on the floor and paint splatters all over it
Painting – with Bubbles!
A clever art project, with a frame worthy result!
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a heart shaped object sitting on top of a shiny surface in the middle of night
Heart of Gold
There's always that one man! Has a heart of gold. He's been hurt, he's trigger-shy, and his first instinct is to guard his heart. Gold doesn't tarnish, but it wears and dents. Don't cause more dents. Protect and treasure it.
Chata de Galocha! | Lu Ferreira » blog de moda, beleza, tendências, maquiagem, design, dia a dia e muita chatice! Inspiration, Outfits, Moda Casual, Moda Femenina, Leopard Pants, Street Style, Trending Fashion Outfits
Lu Ferreira | Chata de Galocha!
Chata de Galocha! | Lu Ferreira » blog de moda, beleza, tendências, maquiagem, design, dia a dia e muita chatice!
a pink rose is blooming in the middle of it's flower head and petals
Phoenix Legend
pink flower
a woman with flowers in her hair
Amanda Diaz - Fashion Photography - Love - Valentines Day concept ideas
an image of some food that is on a plate with the caption sparadi sweet tooth
Tarte aux Fruits Rouges
it's just so pretty! fruit tart for the far more experienced.... her directions assume we're all baking masters, but i'll work it out someday :)
a woman holding an umbrella with the words story of my life written on it in front of her
show both of your feet at the bottom and get a silhouette of the 2 of you kissing through the parasol! :)
a black and white photo of a woman's face next to a brick wall
Puckbox is perhaps the best curator of representative black and white photography in Tumblr. Well worth a look at the images collected from around the web. Truly inspiring.
a drawing of a woman with her hair blowing in the wind
Illustration ~ great use of color
a drop of water sitting on top of a blue surface with lots of bubbles in it
bubbles floating in the air with words written on it and trees behind them, as well as
Bolas de sabão... Amooh (L)
Bolhas de Sabão
a heart shaped object with bubbles floating around it and the words, beventurado el
heartshaped4bb49df9d10b.jpg - Click to see more photos
Golden heart bubble.