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EMD Website Flowcharts for Illustrator – UX Kits

Website Flowchart & Sitemap

Flowcharts in Minutes Drag-n-drop elements from our flowchart template to create professional client deliverables. You get all the pages, lines and labels and a big example as a starting point. Mini Wireframes The flowchart template comes packaged with 63 mini wireframes to represent common page layouts, built on a 4-column grid for easy editing and snapping. Loved by Clients Flowcharts not only demonstrate the architecture and interactions on a website, but also show a general idea of the…

Everything You Need to Know About the Golden Ratio

Everything You Need to Know About the Golden Ratio

Today, the golden ratio appears in many of the items you see, from web design to magazine layouts to photography. Even the Apple logo uses it. To help you put the golden ratio into practice, Company Folders has rounded up these great examples of how people have used it in the past—and how you can use it in the future.



Ceci est un site dédié à la création et la créativité; Sympa est fait pour réveiller le désir de créer dans chaque personne. La créativité doit vive dans tout ce que nous faisons. Sympa c’est ça: l'endroit où ce manifeste la créativité des gens

Psychology of Color [Infographic] A look at the psychological impact of color on design, politics, marketing and more.

5 Tips To Choose The Right Color Scheme For Your Website

Picking the wrong color combination for your website can affect your credibility negatively or even affect the way the customer sees you. For example, you may think you are designing for impact yet end up with an aggressive and closed effect that will convey the opposite of what you desire. So, before you go ahead and choose the colors, check out these 5 tips to choose the right color scheme for your website.



Brand Identity System - Infographic - - - @Liz Mester Mester Mester Mester Mester Mester Blomenkamp I LOVE this. This explains it so perfectly. This is very similar to my mind maps...

Brand Identity System

There is a well-known statement that brand isn't just a logo or a product. As well as brand identity isn't just a stationary set. It is much more. It

Beautiful flat color palette - Yellow

8 Beautiful Flat Color Palettes For Your Next Design Project

UI/UX designer Ebtihaj Khan has created a series of minimalist flat color palettes for graphic, web, and UI projects. Each palette consists of five colors

Colour Theory & Website Design How to Colour Your Website Effectively - @redwebdesign

Colour Theory & Website Design: How to Colour Your Website Effectively

Colour Theory & Website Design How to Colour Your Website Effectively - @redwebdesign

Neon Square UI Kit

This my first product on CreativeMarket, you guys can download here : http://bit.ly/1sjWnn3

The Pros and Cons of Online Content Types and How to Tie Them All Together

The Pros and Cons Of Online Content Types - The Content Council

By Tom Bishop Director of Marketing and Communications at KnowledgeVision Systems What’s the best type of content for online marketing? How about for online learning? Or for corporate training? You can use presentations, webinars, video, white papers, infographics and many other types of content, but is there one single type of content that does it all? The Best of All Worlds If you look at the pros and cons of various content types, you’ll notice that there is no tool that gives you…