the simpsons - coolest minimal poster!

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Minimalist TV Poster: The Simpsons the poster shows all the main cast of characters through their hairstyles. very simple and very interesting.

742 evergreen terrase !

I have been waiting over a decade for someone to do a proper drawing of the layout of the Simpson's house. Simpson's House Cutaway First Floor

The Simpsons -Treehouse of Horror

The Simpsons -Treehouse of Horror. I love treehouse of horror episodes, they're the best!

The Simpsons family

Illustration inspiration

The Simpsons...

Marc at Louis Vuitton // The Simpsons go to Paris with Linda Evangelista // Harpers Bazaar August 2007 // Illustrations by Julius Preite

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iSimpsons: If The Simpsons Had iPods

Simpsons: If The Simpsons Had iPods

iSimpsons: If The Simpsons Had iPods