Romero Britto

Every wonder why art teachers only teach about dead artists when there are so many great, living artists to teach about? Well, I wondered that when.

Romero Britto

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff asks artist Romero Britto to design logo for billion Reais (BRL) project reaching 61 million people

By Romero Britto

Romero Britto me encanta! Releitura da Obra de Tarsila do Amaral - 'Abaporu'.

Romero Britto

Summer by Romero Britto Limited Edition Print Serigraph on Gesso Board


BRITTO sculpture- one word art- solid color background, sharpie outline, decorate letters

Cendrillon - Britto Romero

Cendrillon - Britto Romero I love this variation on RB. Maybe princesses and villains grade