A fúria de Mad Mari: conheça o estilo, detalhes e exageros da artista!

A fúria de Mad Mari: conheça o estilo, detalhes e exageros da artista

Pulp Fiction. Tiempos violentos. Quentin Tarantino. Uma Thurman. Bruce Willis. John Travolta. Samuel L Jackson. Conocenos en http://dejatellevar1.com.ar/

Pulp Fiction

From French artist, Greg Guillemin’s series "Secret Life of Superheroes" that show the behind the scenes lives of iconic characters. His comic-style art portrays images of popular figures doing some not-so-abnormal tasks.

In his pop art illustrated series, French illustrator Grégoire Guillemin imagines the secret lives of superheroes.

We've covered the work of Grégoire Guillemin before, but this time he's taking on a completely different style of art in order to expose the secrets characters have been hiding from us.

Pop Art Paintings Reveal the Your Favorite Characters' Hidden Secrets

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llustrations Reveal The Private Lives Of Heroes And Pop Culture Icons

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A vida secreta dos super heróis

Pop art, Wonder Woman scratching her butt - The Secret Life of Heroes by Grégoire GUILLEMIN, via Behance

I love this

Batman and Wonder Woman I wonder what Superman would think if he saw this. but I would pick Batman myself too. Batman would kick his ass, so would Wonder Woman!

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