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Tudo com washi tape, fita adesiva que é a paixão das crafters. Projetos com washi tape, faça você mesmo com washi tape, decoração com washi tape.
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three pictures of scissors and tape on top of a jar
Blog do Elo7
washi tape
three birthday cards with the words happy birthday written in pink and purple on white paper
DIY Washi Tape Aperture Greeting Card
DIY washi tape aperture card PIN
two pictures side by side one has a laptop and the other has a cup on it
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Colacorelinha | Ma Stump » Na Prateleira
step by step instructions on how to make the letter m
DIY: Washi Tape Letter {and key covers}
Sensational Creations: DIY: Washi Tape Letter
someone's hand is holding some tape and scissors on a table with other crafting supplies
Let's Throw a Party: How to make a banner for a cake - A Golden Afternoon: Simplified Home Living
Washi tape banner on jute or bakers twine. This can also be a great idea on a larger scale with design/pattern paper.
three rolls of washi tape sitting on top of a table
Craft of the Day
#jars #jarcrafts #masonjars
a white box with a tag on it and some string attached to the top, sitting on a table
May Meringues — decor8
embellished tag
an iphone case is shown with ear buds and headphones
Chronicle Books: Bestsellers, New Releases, Unique Books + Gifts
DIY: Herringbone Cell Phone Cover with Washi Tape
several different types of washi tapes and tape on a wooden table with one roll of tape
Nice Packaging: Patchwork de Washi Tape
About the nice things: Nice Packaging: Patchwork de Washi Tape
some crafting supplies are laying out on a table with blue and pink strips of paper
Estão lançadas as Colacorelinhas Boxes! <br> <br>Neste kit de embrulho para presente, irá pelo correio até você 5 sacolas craft decoradas com washi tape, 5 alfinetes para pregar o cartão decorados com fita, 5 cartões e dois tipos de barbante de algodão mesclados. Tudo idêntico à foto e super craft! <3
an instagram page with a gift wrapped in paper and pom - poms
washi tape wrapping
there are many vases with flowers in them
Make Everyday Things More Amazing With Washi Tape
#Washi #Tape