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Life goes on! It hurts to realize what friends once meant to your family, but life goes on moving you towards new friends a new journey one that is better. All because life goes on!

Sometimes people just need to hear that it's ok. It's ok to make a mistake. It's ok if you're not perfect. It's ok to miss someone. It's ok to cry. It's ok to be different. It's ok to be yourself.

Time to ride my bike

Another lovely modern lettering and typography designs created by professional artists and designers. Truly amazing collection of lettering quotes, calligraphy

typography-bar-code by on @deviantART

typography bar code Very creative. The double meaning is clever. The background is beautiful! Not sure why it was chosen for this particular image, but it caught my eye before anything else. I like how all of the type lines up vertically.

thatkindofwoman: “ The with a full moon and Mercury is in retrograde. Should be an interesting evening with my best girls.