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an image of a man in grey shirt and jeans on his cell phone with the caption
Dirty, Nerdy, and Drunk
Sam Winchester
a man wearing a suit and white shirt
Tony Goldwyn, actor...I swear
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(18) Samina (@Vidasam12) | Twitter
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Fotos de Richard Gere - Imagenes de Richard Gere
Richard Gere Nombre: Richard Gere Nombre real: Richard Tiffany Gere Lugar y fecha de nacimiento: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, el 31 de agosto de 1949 Altura: 1,79 Pelo: Castaño/canoso
a close up of a person wearing a suit and tie with his hand on his chin
Sala66 - Richard Gere, 1990
Richard Gere, 1990
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richard Nomolos (gere_richard) on Myspace
Richard Gere
a man with a red shirt and blue jeans playing an acoustic guitar at a concert
Blake Shelton Source: livinnncountry:
a man in a tuxedo holding a rose and pointing at something with his right hand
Richard Gere - Officer and a Gentleman, Shall We Dance, Pretty Woman... uniforms and tuxes were made for him... just saying.
a man sitting in a chair with his hand on the back of his knee and looking at the camera
Blake Shelton is always himself.
an older man wearing a suit and tie
Foto de la película El fraude
Richard Gere