Cora Destefani

Cora Destefani

Cora Destefani
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Marguerite Bicycle Stand Design  This is a creative idea by Yoann Henry Yvon. The design is meant to emulate the petals of a daisy and its centre.

The new Marguerite bike parking is surely a practical solution for the urban living. Designed by Italian designer Yoann Henry Yvon Lopez, the stand has rows of

Art Parklet em container (8)

Art Parklet in container - probably not something we can do but I thought the idea of a contained space (shelter from sun and rain) was nice.

12 mobiliários inteligentes que integram as pessoas às cidades

”Off-Ground“ project by Amsterdam-based designers Jair Straschnow and Gitte Nygaard seeks to embrace play elements so that they can be used as alternative public seating.