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a woman with headphones sitting on a bench in front of a glass window at night
a glass teapot and two cups on a table
a pink and blue house is lit up at night with lights on the porch, windows and balconies
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two green chairs sitting next to each other on top of a checkerboard floor
Miniature Lil's diner
a black and white cat with a red mask on it's face
an amusement park ride in the foggy grass with fire hydrant and roller coaster
The pictures give me chills, I can't imagine how I would react being in these places... Who wants to find out with me??? Most Interesting Abandoned Places in the World | Planet Vide
an old black and white photo with many different eyes on the bark of a tree
a boat that is sitting in the water at night with moss growing on it's sides
Louisiana, untouched since Katrina.