surreal but real

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two red dices sitting on top of a green surface
Watercolor Painting Casino Las Vegas Game Playing Red Dice ACEO Art • $75.00
an image of some trees that are in the water
Cleolinda everywhere
a woman is looking at a goldfish bowl with a man floating in the water
a person is holding their mouth open to show the inside of her mouth, with an image of a woman standing on top of a ladder
Natascha Elizabeth - gold-ens: lexikapono: I made a surrealism...
an eye with the reflection of a scuba diver in it
a woman's eye with red nail polish and green eyeshade holding her hands over her face
several small figurines sticking out of the side of a woman's mouth
two hands reaching for a miniature man's mouth
a cup of coffee with a woman laying on top of it and wrapped in a piece of paper
a man climbing up the side of a building on top of a ladder in front of a window
300/365 - The Hidden Door
there is a bird flying in the sky with words below it that read, cuadra la realidad he abrume sustenal
My Dream
an image of two orca whales in the woods
Chris Austin (INAG)