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Income or Income Sol Tenerife: Tenerife Lace, nanduti income, income sun .

FULL: Teneriffe/Sol Lace--Coralville Convention 2015: Basics and beyond: create a simple doily comprising multiple round motifs. Modern materials (plastic canvas 'looms') will be used. Warp the loom, weaving and knotted stitches, add in/replace/finish threads, finish the piece into lace and join motifs. ID of Nanduti Lace, distinguish it from Teneriffe Lace, and unique way Nanduti Lace is created. Students will bring their favorite thread. 6 hrs. TH809 (Karen Bovard)

FULL: Teneriffe/Sol Lace--Coralville Convention Basics and beyond: create…

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The Festival del Ñanduti will be held tonight in Itaguá, the official capital of ñandutí. Ñandutí is the name given to a type of parguayan lace work.

Ñandutí Lace

Ñandutí Lace

Nanduti lace, a needlemade lace usually associated with Paraguay. {Gail Harker Center for Creative Arts

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