Guests throw darts at balloons w/ paint inside, you keep the art :) . . .

Guests throw darts at balloons with paint inside. You keep the art. :) This is such a fun Idea. You choose the colors and the size to coordinate with your style - might be more enduring than having a fingerprint tree in your house forever.

pool noodle water wall!

Here's a fun way to use those noodles- a pool noodle water wall! Tons of fun, takes seconds to put together, can be set up in the bath or outside, and afterwards you still have in tact noodles to use for their intended purpose- THE POOL! by CrashFistFight

Gifts to Make for Boys

Gifts to Make for Boys

Mason Jar Superhero Banks - Fireflies and Mud Pies.thinking of doing a superhero rook for Cam.cute favor for a superhero birthday party too!

Gifts to Make for Boys

Gifts to Make for Boys

What a great idea :) Sensory play with rice and a pegboard with funnels and tubes. Super fun - and could use this in the summer with water!

a step by step how-to guide, from the posts, to the ladder, and even the fabric underneath.

Complete DIY guide on how to build a loft bed. Basically a box on top of 4 posts with two twin beds pushed together on top. Such a cute kids room idea to save space :). ( girls room with a bed underneath also )

Church Children's Center Murals

We can transform any room using custom designed murals, changing the atmosphere to match your imagination. Come see our favorite projects!

Gifts to Make for Kids

Gifts to Make for Boys

Make your own components for a changeable magnetic marble run! Okay, here we are with yet another marble run, but this one is our favorite one yet! Actually, I’d say this marble run is equally as cool as the other one we posted recently.

Exercise dice for a using-up-energy game - you could have two, one with 'moves' and one with numbers. Do the activity as many times as the numbers dice says.

30 Gross Motor Activities for Kids with Lots of Energy to Spend