Color Psychology: Blue

Collection by Brooke Courtney


Seeing the color blue actually causes the body to produce chemicals that are calming; but that isn't true of all shades of blue. Some shades (or too much blue) can send a cold and uncaring message. Many bedrooms are blue because it's calm, restful color. Over the ages blue has become associated with steadfastness, dependability, wisdom and loyalty (note how many uniforms are blue). People tend to be more productive in a blue room because they are calm and focused on the task at hand.

Brooke Courtney

Former Girard Corn Exchange Bank Blue Bedroom

The Real Truth behind MTV's The Real World Houses - Former Girard Corn Exchange Bank Blue Bedroom contains pictures and information about the series and the Former Girard Corn Exchange Bank, used in the filming of the 2004 season of MTV's The Real World: Philadelphia.

Psychology of Color: Out of the BLUE

Whether it's casting the backdrop of a clear summer sky or being sung by some heartbroken musician under the glow of a corner street light, blue is everywhere.

Blue Rooms

Blue Rooms