This will help your english pronounciation.

English pronunciation poem…Just when you thought is was safe to read phonetically. Thank you Grandma for that DICTION-ary, lest this poem end up read hairy. Re-read to read the proper way, from New Years Eve til Santa's sleigh.

Collocations MAKE versus DO #learnenglish

Do you get confused with make vs. Expand your English vocabulary with this list of common collocations using make and do.

English slang - abbreviations often used in text messages, online and in emails

Forum ________ Learn English Fluent LandAbbreviations often Used in Text Messages Fluent Land

english contractions

Some of the new English "Contractions" or abbreviations of how these word combinations sound together and are often used in written

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Englisch lernen *** sich entschuldigen auf englisch *** sorry We discussed “to”or “it” when the elevator says:Sorry for keep you waiting! Now I know it should be “to”!