Timeless Recipes

The best memories are created in the kitchen. That’s why we’ve baked up a new batch of timeless recipes the way Grandma would have wanted. Bring home our…
11 Pins
three jars filled with dessert and ice cream on top of a white table next to gold spoons
Strawberry Mason Jar Cobblers
These Strawberry Mason Jar Cobblers are the perfect sweet treat to share at your next get-together. Made with our signature pancake mix and Dickinson’s jam, you’ll be scraping the bottom of the jar. Visit our blog for the recipe. 🍓
some pastries are on a pink plate
Blackberry Jam Hand Pies
Looking for a delicious pie recipe to make this summer? Our grab-and-go Blackberry Jam Hand Pies are perfect for all your summer gatherings. Follow the recipe on our blog.
a white plate topped with fried food next to a bowl of ranch dressing and a cup of yogurt
Crunchy Hashbrown Fritters
Our Crunchy Hashbrown Fritters are perfect to share with loved ones for any occasion — whether you’re hosting a get-together or staying in for movie night. Follow our easy-to-make recipe.
a white bowl filled with fruit and nuts on top of a blue cloth next to a spoon
Almond Streusel Fried Apple
Almond Streusel Fried Apples are the perfect desert for any season! Follow this simple recipe for a delicious homemade treat using our sweet and savory Fried Apples.
a piece of cake on a white plate with lemons and mint garnish
Springtime Carrot Cake
Springtime Carrot Cake is the perfect desert for the season! Follow this simple recipe for a delicious homemade carrot cake using our sweet baby carrots.
several small pastries on a wire tray
Recipe | Peanut Butter and Jelly Muffin Cakes | Cracker Barrel
Muffins with Cracker Barrel® Biscuit Mix? You bet! This at-home recipe takes a classic treat and adds a twist. With Dickinson's warm Strawberry Preserves in the middle, you'll be feeling like a kid again.
a cake on a plate with powdered sugar and blackberries around the edges, ready to be eaten
Recipe | Sweet Blackberry Cornbread | Cracker Barrel
A delicious dessert made for sharing. Try this at-home recipe featuring our classic Cracker Barrel® Corn Muffin Mix and Dickinson’s purest preserves.
a stack of cookies sitting on top of a white plate
Recipe | Orange Vanilla Tea Cake Cookies | Cracker Barrel
Enjoy these tea cake cookies once you take home our Cracker Barrel® Biscuit Mix and Dickinson’s purest preserves. Easy to make and even better to share.
doughnuts with icing and toppings on cooling racks
Recipe | Cake Doughnuts with Jam Glazes | Cracker Barrel
Dreaming of doughnuts? Make them when you crave them with this easy, homemade recipe featuring our take-home Cracker Barrel® Biscuit Mix and Dickinson’s purest preserves.
cookies with jam and orange zest on a cooling rack next to some lemons
Recipe | Buttery-Lemon Cornmeal Cookies | Cracker Barrel
These buttery-lemon cookies double up on delicious! Bring home BOTH of our Cracker Barrel® Biscuit and Corn Muffin mixes and a jar of Dickinson's Raspberry Preserves for the ultimate afternoon treat.
a loaf of cake sitting on top of a cooling rack
Recipe | Almond Raspberry Pound Cake | Cracker Barrel
Our take on the perfect pound cake. Have fun swirling Dickinson’s purest preserves while baking with our classic Cracker Barrel® Corn Muffin Mix.