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Roberta Crepaldi

Roberta Crepaldi
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"English Idioms: Food" A wonderful infographic. #ESL #EFL #ESOL

8 Funny Idioms About Food with Examples and Explanations. Perfect for guided reading groups! Make a poster of this to use at groups, then have students find idioms in their reading, and write what they really mean.

Haunted Hotel Del Salto, Colombia  >>> This looks awesome. Is it real?

Haunted Hotel Del Salto, Bogota, Colombia -- it's haunted because of all the suicides in the area. It's right next to the Tequendama Falls or El Salto Del Tequendama

reading is...

'Reading is your friend when other people forget to be.It will stay with you until the very end. After Lord Voldemort is dead. Narnia is gone. And Alice is awake.