Gostei da simplicidade do formado do lápis

Another image made through creative letter design to present a graphic and logo combination.

It was very nice. I felt your nervous excitement. It gets better face to face. I have time for you virtually every single day. You see. Who else does this? True when you leave him he will change and treat the next girl better. They always do. But that has nothing to do with it. It is an ilusion that the holes dug will ever be different. You know this. So lets see if we can plan something even better. You and me.

How to Create a Vintage/Retro Text Effect Illustrator Tutorial Ultimate Graphics Designs is your one stop shop for all your Graphics And Video Solutions!

Get set Festival - Epiforma Design Strengths: Bold and colourful - grabs attention Weaknesses: yes- the eye fills in the rest of the letters but it is hard to read

Epiforma is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Porto that creates a diverse range of visual stories across multiple disciplines.

Tendências de Design que você PRECISA saber para 2017. Será um adeus ao Flat?!

Tendencias no Design em 2017. Será o fim do Flat Design?

minimalista, sem contorno (chique)

Lego Festival of Play

Casinha colorida: Década de 80: o movimento Memphis

Memphis sounds like a perfectly normal name for a design movement. If it had been founded in the United States. Instead, a few whimsical Italian

Merit winner in the 7th Annual Logo Design Awards; Firm: Csaba Bernáth Design

Great Logo Design: 7th Annual Logo Design Awards Winners

Firm: Csaba Bernáth Design Description: Logo redesign and rebranding for a leading hungarian underground house music party series / event organizer group LAVALAVA.