Install attractive year-round lighting like this and add colored bulbs for Christmas ✨ 🌸 🌹 ᘡℓvᘠ❤ﻸ

Okay, so these are very cool. They'd look great on high walls. Hexagon wall tiles from Form Us With Love.

Colorful Hexagonal Wall Tiles Made From Sound-Absorbing "Wood Wool"

We have a ton Of wall space, high ceilings and lake view windows in our Music Room. These are going to be perfect for sound control! -Hexagon wall tiles from Form Us With Love.


The Walls Of This Restaurant Are Covered In Wood Shingles

Francesc Rifé Studio have designed Canalla Bistro, a modern restaurant in Mexico City, that's been covered in wooden shingles and features a large mural.

A mesa da recepção do The Chic & Basic Ramblas Hotel, em Barcelona, é formada por malas de diferentes tamanhos e formatos.

50 Reception Desks Featuring Interesting And Intriguing Designs

Vintage suitcases stacked under check-in desk. Chic and Basic Ramblas Hotel By Lagranja Design In Barcelona, Spain.

Estúdio Brasileiro | Escritório de Arquitetura

Interior of "Alaloum Board Game" cafe was created by specialists from "Triopton Architects" studio. The theme of the interior are board games what you can

Galeria - Escritório dos Arquitetos / Skylab Arquitetos - 4

Galeria de Escritório dos Arquitetos / Skylab Arquitetos - 4

Mapa-múndi na decoração: 27 jeitos de usar

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Cornerstone Café | Londres Estúdio Paul Crofts.

Universo militar inspira café londrino

London-based Paul Crofts Studio referenced the area's history of producing arsenal when designing the Cornerstone Cafe in part of a former munitions store.

Casa FF / Studio Guilherme Torres

Galeria de Casa FF / Studio Guilherme Torres - 13

FF House by Studio Guilherme Torres. this can work as a dining space as much as a meeting room.

Pratos decorativos

Galeria de Yellow Fever / Fleetwood Fernandez - 3

Spice it Up: 5 Fast-Casual Restaurants Put Design on the MenuYellow Fever by Fleetwood/Fernandez in Torrance, California.