Joker family portrait. (Batman)

(Batman) clockwise-Jared Leto from suicide squad; Caesar Romero from BATMAN tv show Heath Ledger from the Dark Knight and Jack Nicholson from Batman movie with Michael Keaton

Frankenstein's Monster

Classic Movie Monster Art on Geek Casket. I have always been fascinated by movie Monsters, check out some of my favourite Monster Art.


Everyone's favourite serial killer doll, Charles Lee Ray, aka Chucky, from the Child's Play series of movies.


Cool Fan Art for THE WALKING DEAD, MAN OF STEEL, and More

Frankie & Bride

Electric Frank Date Night inches hot rod beatnik frankenstein takes his bride out for some old school hammer horrors signed

Personagens Famosos por Uminga

Personagens Famosos por Uminga

Coringa cuti cuti

dark knight joker by Why So Serious: 30 Incredible Joker Illustrations

Christopher Uminga - Freddy Krueger [A Nightmare on Elm Street]

Personally, I love artists who can transform nightmare creatures into cuddly figures.