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a pyramid with the words getting a coffee and walking around on it's side
Sundays are for coffee walks
a dog is sitting at a desk with a laptop computer and headphones on it
an image of a computer screen with the caption yeah it weekend time to party
winnie the pooh and tigger are doing something
a man standing next to a giant leaf in the forest with a quote written on it
a stuffed animal is attached to the side of a space shuttle with caption that reads, lethtt surprised no one here is talking about the snoopy toy who they put in arte
winnie the pooh is sitting at a table with two other pooh bears
the same cartoon is being used to describe what they are doing in each other's life
an older man sitting at a table holding up two pieces of paper with words written on them
a man in a suit and tie standing next to a tv screen with the words what's wrong with people?
Most Funny 17 Pics And Memes OF The Day
a man with grey hair and glasses is looking at the camera while he has an explanation
me fr
a collage of women with their faces covered in photoshopped images and the woman has her hands on her head
It's ya boi // Yukhei - 81
Flims, Saints Memes