Artist Gay Kraeger's tips for making trees with a "tree machine" (Sponge) from Strathmore's 2014 Online Workshops. See this free video lesson

Stars shining bright above me

Story idea (by previous pin): And one by one she plucked the stars out from the sky. Darkness reigned and all the foulest beasts emerged to play in the new world.

Cosmic book tattoo by Yeliz Ozcan

40+ Amazing Book Tattoos for Literary Lovers

DIY Decoração: Posters para imprimir 3

The Yellow Umbrella Illustration by: Taren S. by osloANDalfred

wallpapers senha - Pesquisa Google

Wallpapers - tem senha

Ela vive em um mundo que se chama Lua

For some reason this makes me think that she looks up and sees stars, but she can only see the ordinary ones and won't ever know what beautiful things are really out there.