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From the Discworld book Soul Music.

She'd much prefer to read a good book."~Soul Music by Terry Pratchett I pinned this because. some famous literature is plain boring, no matter how brilliant or world changing it was supposed to have been

Captain Carrot  and Angua.  Diskworld Guard.  Terry Pratchett.  THUD.

Carrot Ironfoundersson and Angua von Überwald from "Thud", by Terry Pratchett - art by jesidres on Deviantart.

Lancre Gothic by Paul Kidby

13 de febrero: Today would have been the birthday of Grant Wood, creator of the iconic painting American Gothic, here is the underpainting of the tribute I am currently working on: Lancre Gothic.

Sir Terry Pratchett quote.

:) A good Scientist takes nothing at face value, even if they have found proof it's correct. A good Scientist continues to try to disprove anything and everything they believe they have found to be true.