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Amigurumi Patterns

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Big Elephant Crochet Pattern Amigurumi Elephant Jumbo Sized - Etsy
Crochet Big Grey Elephant Pillow Pattern Big Elephant - Etsy
Crochet Elephant Pattern Bundle Crochet Lovey Baby Blanket - Etsy

African Animals - Elephants

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Adorable Sunny Giraffe Crochet PDF Amigurumi Pattern - Etsy
E-book Crochet Pattern Amigurumi Rafa the Giraffe PDF - Etsy
Natalia the Giraffe Amigurumi PDF Crochet Pattern / - Etsy

African Animals - Giraffes

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Crochet Pattern Small Amigurumi Hippo - Etsy
Standing HIPPO Crochet Pattern by Bumcraft Handmade Decor - Etsy
Hippo CROCHET PATTERN Amigurumi Hippopotamus Plushie Stuffed - Etsy

African Animals - Misc

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Rudolph Reindeer Baby Lovey Blanket Comforter Security Blanket - Etsy
Crochet Penguin Pattern. Cute Penguin Lovey Blanket. the - Etsy
Crochet Pattern Hippo Snuggler Plush Lovey Pattern Cuddle - Etsy

Baby - Loveys

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Baby Rattle pattern Pictorial - Etsy
CROCHET PATTERN Rattle Monkey - Etsy
CROCHET PATTERN Stroller Toy Monkey - Etsy

Baby - Rattles and Mobiles

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PDF Pattern: Football Crochet Stacking Ring Toy - Etsy
PDF Baby Toddler Book the Magical Ocean Crochet Pattern - Etsy
Crochet Pattern Bat Stacking Toy English US Terms & Swedish - Etsy

Baby - Toys and Books

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Terra the Sea Turtle Crochet Pattern Easy Treasure Keeper - Etsy
Yule Log PDF Crochet Pattern - Etsy
Basic Tote Bag Crochet Pattern & Video Tutorial

Baskets and Bags

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Polar Bear PDF Pattern ENG/ESP - Etsy
Amigurumi Crochet Pattern PDF in English: Waffle the Chubby - Etsy
Crochet Bear Pattern Amigurumi Bear Pattern Pdf Tutorial - Etsy


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Crochet Big Tiger Pillow Pattern Big Tiger 21.6 Inches - Etsy
Crochet Tiger Pattern Amigurumi Toy Pattern. Jungle Crochet - Etsy
Amigurumi Tiger Tiramasu the Tiger Crochet Tiger Tiger - Etsy

Big Cats

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PATTERN: Crochet Goose Goose Crochet Pattern Mini Farm - Etsy
Crochet Swan Ornament Pattern Crochet Christmas Pattern - Etsy
Lemon Yarn Creations CROCHET PATTERN Avocado Duck - Etsy

Birds - Chickens, Ducks, Geese

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PATTERN ONLY Snowy Owls Snowy Owl Crochet Pattern Snowy Owl - Etsy
Crochet Pattern: Little Owl Amigurumi PDF ENGLISH - Etsy
Plush Owl Crochet Pattern Chunky Mini Owl Amigurumi Pattern - Etsy

Birds - Owls

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Crochet Pattern Doll Cute Penguin. TUTORIAL Doll Penguin in - Etsy
PATTERN ONLY: Cute Penguins Penguin Amigurumi Toy Diy Xmas - Etsy
Crochet Christmas Penguin Pattern Amigurumi Penguin Christmas - Etsy

Birds - Penguins and Puffins

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Feathered Friends 2 Amigurumi Crochet Pattern - Etsy
Cardinal Crochet Pattern Bird Amigurumi Pattern - Etsy
Amigurumi Crochet Pattern Crow in Dress PDF English Pattern - Etsy

Birds - Misc

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Giant Lion Crochet Pattern - Etsy
Crochet Blanket Pattern: Sweet Dreams Baby Blanket Photo - Etsy
Realistic Sea Turtle Graph Crochet Pattern Tapestry or - Etsy

Blankets and Pillows

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Moth Sprite Critter Stitch Crochet Pattern / Amigurumi Moth - Etsy
Snail Skull Snail Crochet Pattern - Etsy
La Araña Patrón De Crochet ENG-SPANISH - Etsy


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Cat Amigurumi Crochet Pattern Lying Down Kitten - Etsy
Crochet Pattern of ALL 43 CATS Calico Siamese Stripped - Etsy
Cat Amigurumi 8 in 1 PDF Pattern for Beginners/ Keychain - Etsy


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Baby Shoe Crochet Pattern Newborn Crochet Pattern Baby Boy - Etsy
Crochet Peacock Shawl PDF PATTERN ONLY Feather Wrap Scarf - Etsy
Cosmic Crush: Poncho-sweater Barbie-inspired Crochet Garment - Etsy


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Crochet Pattern Set: Hugo's Christmas Costumes Crochet - Etsy
Christmas Mousefits Tree Angel & Pudding Outfits Crochet - Etsy

Clothes - For amigurumi

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Deer Crochet Pattern Christmas Deer Crochet Deer PDF File - Etsy
Crochet Amigurumi Moose Pattern Instant Download in English - Etsy
AMIGURUMI PATTERN Reindeer Crochet Pattern for Doll Tree - Etsy


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Crochet Pattern Dora the Diplodocus Dinosaur Amigurumi - Etsy
Bronto the Dinosaur - Etsy
Dinosaur Crochet Pattern/dinosaur Toy/ Plush Pattern/ Crochet - Etsy


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Patrón: Hermanito De Mulán Patrón Amigurumi Mulán En ESPAÑOL - Etsy
PATTERN Sitting Blue Alien and Froggy Buddy - Etsy
Standing SCRUMP Crochet Pattern-amigurumi Toys Handmade - Etsy

Disney - Animals and Creatures

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Merida Doll Pattern / Amigurumidoll/ English Pattern/ Crochet - Etsy
Crochet English PDF Pattern Princess Belle Princess Doll - Etsy
SET 2 in 1: Crochet Pattern for Doll Alice and White Rabbit in - Etsy

Disney - Human Characters

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Bundle Crochet Amigurumi Piglet Pig Crochet Pooh Pdf Pattrn - Etsy
Mouse Amigurumi Crochet Pattern Plush Mouse Crochet Pattern - Etsy
Set 2 in 1 Crochet Pattern Two Mice Amigurumi Crochet - Etsy

Disney - Mickey, Pooh, and Friends

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Mei Lee and Red Panda Amigurumi Pattern PDF English Pattern - Etsy
Crochet Pattern for Doll Jessiepdf English Amigurumi - Etsy
Crochet Pattern Monster Outfit for Boo PDF English Amigurumi - Etsy

Disney - Pixar

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Space Rebel Headdress Crochet Pattern - Etsy
Baby07 Crochet PATTERN - Etsy
Padmé Amidala Patrón De Crochet Crochet Pattern EN SP - Etsy

Disney - Star Wars/Marvel

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