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an ice cream party activity for kids with text overlay that reads free ice cream find of the year party activity
FREE Classroom Ice Cream Party End of the Year Activity
FREE classroom ice cream party end of the year activity! Includes party planning printables and persuasive writing prompt.
the life cycle cards for kids to learn
Butterfly & Frog Life Cycle Sequencing Cards {FREE} - CURRICULUM CASTLE
an easter themed printable with the words spring and colorful eggs in front of it
FREE Spring Center-Syllable Sorting Activity - CURRICULUM CASTLE
FREE Spring literacy center-syllable sorting activity!
the seasons science folder is shown with fall leaves and trees
Seasons Science Activities: The Four Seasons of the Year {FREE} - CURRICULUM CASTLE
Seasons Science Activities: The Four Seasons of the Year {FREE}
the alphabet trace and color letters a - z is for bear, banana, and elephant
FREE Alphabet Tracing Activities - CURRICULUM CASTLE
FREE Alphabet Tracing Activities
a volcano worksheet with the text, directed drawing try before you buy it
Directed Drawing Writing Activities
FREE directed drawing writing activity! Try a sample pages of our step by step drawing alphabet activities for kids.
Human Body Systems Flip Book
FREE human body systems tabbed flip book. Students will love flipping through each page as you introduce 6 major body systems and their functions.
st patrick's day activity for kids
St. Patrick’s Day literacy activities
FREE St. Patrick’s Day literacy activities! Includes: syllable sorting, label the leprechaun, mini word book craft, decode the mystery message. Perfect for K-2!
the puzzle center is filled with pictures and words to help students learn how to use puzzles
Natural Disasters Puzzle Activity {FREE} - CURRICULUM CASTLE
FREE natural disasters puzzle center activity! Students put together puzzle pieces for hurricane, tornado, earthquake, tsunami, volcano and wildfire.
pumpkin time to the hour worksheet with free printables
FREE Telling Time to the Hour Pumpkin Math Center - CURRICULUM CASTLE
the spelling choice board is shown in three different colors and sizes, with text overlaying
Spelling Choice Board Activities - CURRICULUM CASTLE
FREE editable spelling choice board activities! Personalize your student's homework and the way they practice their spelling words each week.
the movement activity for kids to practice moving numbers with dices and markers on a clipboard
Movement Activity for Kids {FREE} - CURRICULUM CASTLE
FREE movement activity for kids! This fitness and exercise printable is perfect for brain breaks, indoor recess, physical education and class parties. Simply roll a dice and get moving!