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a small white tube sitting in the grass with daisies on it's side
EVENTOS SUSTENTÁVEIS: 20 dicas verdes para seu evento!
Eventos sustentáveis:20 dicas para tornar evento verde.
the water is very clear and there are plants growing in it
Dia mundial das zonas ùmidas.
two people standing next to each other with their feet up in the air and one person's legs crossed
Dia da felicidade.
a young boy wearing red glasses with the caption's in spanish
Dia da escola.
a young boy leaning against a tree with the words'o verdadero sinficado da viada e plantar arvors, sob seba
Dia das florestas.
there is a poster with birds flying in the sky above water and trees behind it
Dia das árvores migratórias.
a tree in the middle of a field with words above it that read conselhos de uma arvore
Dia da saúde.
two people are walking in the grass together
Dia do turismo ecológico.