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several people riding bikes on a city street with buildings in the background and one person wearing a face mask
Bike Thefts Are Up 27% in Pandemic N.Y.C.: ‘Sleep With It Next to You’ (Published 2020)
A stolen bike surge is now underway in the city. The number of bicycles, including those with electric motors, reported stolen in New York from March through Sept. 21 was 4,477, an increase of 27 percent from the 3,507 reported stolen during the same period last year, according to the police.
a man riding a bike down a street next to a lush green field under a blue sky
Opportunity to improve cycling infrastructure in Ireland has been 'squandered', Galway campaigner says | Newstalk
Climate-friendly transport changes will ultimately make people's lives better - so it's something that does require a 'leap of faith'.
a person riding a bike down the street in front of some barriers and traffic cones
Naas ban on cars using canal-side route has proved very popular
Residents of Nass, Co Kildare, have voted with their feet in favour of a temporary ban on cars using a canal-side route between the town and nearby Sallins.
a person riding a bike down the street in front of some barriers and traffic cones
Removal of bike lanes hits the young the hardest, says Cycling UK
A number of emergency cycle lanes installed by councils across the country in response to the coronavirus pandemic have been removed within weeks – and some cases, days – of being completed, usually in response to opposition from a small but vocal minority, despite surveys showing that most people support such schemes.
a row of bikes parked next to each other on the side of a street near a blue fence
Opinion: 'Once a bike is stolen it's unlikely you’ll get it back'
If we take a mid-range figure of 20,000 thefts, that means only one in four stolen bikes are reported to Gardaí. This figure compares with European averages of between three and five bikes stolen for every one reported to police.
several people riding bikes on a city street
The cycling revolution: here to stay? - BikeBiz
Many cities across the world have noted an increase in the demand for cycling, as people enjoyed quieter streets and cleaner spaces during lockdown. And there is also a demand for lessening our emissions.
a man riding a bike across a parking lot with people walking and sitting on the sidewalk
“Stay local” – What the latest lockdown laws and guidance mean for you and cycling
New measures are now in force in England and Scotland – what’s changed?
a man in a suit and tie sitting at a table
Budget 2021: Eamon Ryan defends carbon tax amid claims it will lead to 'energy poverty'
A €360m investment in walking and cycling will support major projects in all main cities, including strategic cycle corridors in Cork, increased funding for greenways to €50m, and the roll-out of the Safe Routes to School Programme.
an artist's rendering of people walking and riding bikes on the street
Cork City to mix cycling with both walking and buses in new project --
"There’s poor junction treatment, and multiple areas of conflict between cyclists and pedestrians under the proposed plans. The quality of the cycling infrastructure isn’t of the standard we expect for a city the size of Cork" - Conn Donovan, Cork Cycling Campaign Chairperson.
an aerial view of a red car driving down a street with two people standing on the sidewalk
Cycling UK launches campaign to support proposed Highway Code changes - BikeBiz
Cycling UK is calling on Britain’s cyclists to support ten key changes to the code to make cycling safer, following the Government’s new consultation on the Highway Code launched earlier this week.
a man riding a bike down a street next to a red car
Scheme offering bikes on the NHS to tackle obesity 'should be rolled out in Northern Ireland'
A cycling scheme which could see bikes being made available on the NHS in England as part of a government plan to boost active travel should be rolled out in Northern Ireland.
an aerial view of a roundabout with instructions
Britain gets its first Dutch-style roundabout that gives priority to bicycles - but motorists condemn 'confusing' £2.3million project they fear will cause 'more accidents'.
an empty street with yellow lines painted on the pavement and bicycle lanes marked in white
Glasgow Greenpeace calls for more cycling spaces
Glasgow Greenpeace Group are calling for less space for cars, and more space for people to be able to walk and cycle safely.
two bicyclists riding down a road in the country side with tall grass and trees
Cycling has increased by 200% since lockdown, government reports
The levels of cycling in the UK had soared by as much as 200% on weekends with a 100% increase on weekdays. One form of transport which has seen a significant increase is cycling; it’s great to see so many people switching to a clean, green mode of transport with significant public health benefits.
many people sleeping on the steps with their bikes
Call for better cycling infrastructure after research shows 4 in 5 cyclist injuries happen in urban areas
The RSA is calling for more investment in cycling infrastructure, a greater roll-out of 30km/h limits in urban areas, and for motorists to reduce their speed in a bid to reduce the number of accidents taking place.