Nice idea

Divertidos maceteros reciclando botellas de plástico

Divertidos maceteros reciclando botellas de plástico kawaii rabbit and bear plant pots for mothers day flowers with cute rabbit or bear faces on them from old pop bottles recycled craft for kids

Taza de Feliz día del padre pintada por tu bebé - cómo pintar  una taza - taza…

Little bonus tutorial for y’all today, because Harlow and I had a fun crafting morning! So Andy, Babu, and PopPop: stop reading. The rest of you, if you’re a chronic…

EN MI ESPACIO VITAL: Muebles Recuperados y Decoración Vintage

Add pretty knobs to the tops of mason jars for pretty mason jar storage solutions! Lots of options with this easy mason jar trick! Love these recycled food jars turned pretty storage jars with glass knob tops! (glue, don't screw in knobs 4 cleaner look)

DIY Kitty Cat Planter From A Soda Bottle - Imgur

DIY Kitty Cat Planter From A Soda Bottle

Animalitos con botellas de plástico

Potinhos de garrafa pet e E.V.A para o dia das crianças

Site has patterns to create these using the bottom of plastic pop bottles

Ceramics by Katrin Moye

Ceramics with Countless Patterns by Katrin Moye

For eveyone who's obsessed with pattern, Katrin Moye's colorful ceramics are an absolute treat for the eye.

necesito esto !

Father's Day indeed, with the Vampire Dad drawing. -- Your child's drawing on key chain for DAD. I need to remember this for Fathers Day!